The Santa Clara County Vintage Softball Club, a California not for profit corporation, was founded in 1987 for men and women 50 years and older to play slow pitch softball. With over 200 active members, we offer both weekend and weekday leagues that enable players of all skill levels- some players are novices, most are intermediate and a few are actually in the Senior Softball Hall of Fame to participate in organized softball as many as 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. To play, all you need is a bat, glove and payment of a nominal annual membership fee. 

Interested? Please visit our Join Us page for information about how to sign up, and be sure to check out our Limited Time Offer for New Players (details below).

Please let your manager know if you can't attend a game and

call the rain line to check if you are playing (408) 795-5844


 Next Board Meeting - Tuesday, August 1, 2017 (no meeting in July). Minutes for previous meetings are available on the Rules/Reg page. 


New Address. We have a new PO Box and address for the Club. Effectively immediately, correspondence should go to Vintage Softball Club of Santa Clara County, Inc., PO Box 3268, Santa Clara, CA 95055.

San Jose Giants Event. Saturday, June 17, 2017. Game start 5:00 p.m. versus Visalia.  SOLD OUT!

Monday Night Ball. We are playing evening ball at Hathaway Park which is located at 1497 Vallejo Drive in San Jose. This park is very near Payne and Saratoga Ave. in west San Jose. It is a new field for us but all of our "regular" fields are booked through the summer. The field is in good shape and the only drawback seems to be a short right field.


Games  begin at 6:00 pm and teams will be selected much like is done in the Fun League. Make sure you arrive by 5:50 pm to ensure you are there when the teams are selected. We will likely have one nine inning game or play until dark. The Club has reserved the field for each Monday through mid-August. Joe Contreras has agreed to serve as the commissioner and will be in charge of field prep, putting together the teams and all the other thankless tasks that our commissioners do. He will also be needing a co-commissioner to help him so if you are interested please let Joe or me know.

Tuesday League. The Club is pleased to note that we now have four teams playing on Tuesdays, up from three teams. Check out the new schedule for the games on our Schedules page.

Saturday League. The schedule for the season is available on our Schedules page. Those of you playing tournaments, remember to let your managers know when you will not be able to attend a Saturday game.

AEDs. We have an AED (automatic external defibrillator) at each of our fields. Check out this link for more information about CPR and the use of AEDs.

Vintage PSA Video

Download this terrific public service announcement video prepared by our own Gopher Gold.

Limited Time Offer for New Players

The Club has a special offer for new Senior Players from South Bay Communities, the details of which you can read about in the Press Release.


Social. We need volunteers to help us organize, plan and manage events, including our annual Labor Day BBQ, outings at a San Jose Giants game and our annual Holiday Dinner. 


Photographers. Thanks to Ric Ferras and Larry Murchison for taking the new pictures for our site! Please send in others you may have as we are always looking for good pics.


Contact. Please contact our president, Mark Loveless, if you are interested in volunteering for any Club positions.

Communication re Combining Teams (Saturday League)

With the tournament season ongoing, we face a number of Saturday league games being made up of combined teams.


To help make the process easier, please:

  • Let your manager know as soon as possible if you will not be able to make a game.
  • Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before game time. (Earlier is better, as that gives you more time to stretch and warmup.)
  • Unless you hear otherwise from your manager, go to your designated Field first.
  • For those of you scheduled to play on Field 1, if you do not see your manager (or assistant) at the Field at least 15 minutes before game start time, proceed to Field 2.
  • Check in with your manager as soon as you arrive. (Not knowing who is in attendance makes it particularly hard for managers to set up lineups and distribute bucket players.) To make it easier to find them, the managers should be sitting on or by the bleachers (and the buckets/cans) for each Field.
  • If you are a bucket player, get your name in the can as soon as you arrive, and hang around the can until the managers announce who will be playing.

We look forward to seeing all of you out there.

2016 Holiday Party!!

San Jose Giants Night

Some of our players