The Santa Clara County Vintage Softball Club, a California not for profit corporation, was founded in 1987 for men and women 50 years and older to play slow pitch softball. With over 200 active members, we offer both weekend and weekday leagues that enable players of all skill levels- some players are novices, most are intermediate and a few are actually in the Senior Softball Hall of Fame to participate in organized softball as many as 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. To play, all you need is a bat, glove and payment of a nominal annual membership fee. 


Playing Vintage Softball creates bonds that last for years, or even decades. Here's a note we received from one of our players who despite having moved out of the area, still continues to be a club member!


Just paid my dues for the 24th time. I have been a member of this organization for a few years now. I haven’t played in San Jose in 9 years,  but I am on mailing list and I have paid my dues every year since I joined back in 1995. I think I have all the meeting minutes filed away somewhere on this computer. 


I have one of the old Vintage wind-breakers with the old logo on the back. I have an old hat as well but it starting to have an odor about it that some of the guys here offer hats for free just to bury it. But, I wear them constantly because I’m proud of Vintage. And a little publicity for the bay area doesn’t hurt – right?


I have been playing here in Fresno since 2009 and I am planning to play a few more years. I think they will have to carry me off the field to make me stop. But I do publicize the camaraderie that Vintage has had over the years. The best bunch of guys – EVER! The “Vintage softball club” will always be important to me. You can count on that. It made me feel young again and the people that I have know over the years is impressive. They were all family for sure….


 Paul Hebert


Interested? Please visit our Join Us page for information about how to sign up, and be sure to check out our Limited Time Offer for New Players (details below).

It's That Time of the Year- 2019 Dues!!

2019 dues are ready to be paid. All members must be paid up by December 31st to be able to play in January. You can pay by PayPal using the form below, or by giving a check/cash to any Board member or manager. Help everyone out by paying early!



2019 Membership
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Next Board Meeting - Tuesday, March 5th, 2019. Minutes for previous meetings are available on the Rules/Reg page. 


Long time Vintage Member Veltie "Jessie" Jessup has passed away.  


In 2017 he was the winner of the Sportsmanship award. Tom Simpson, commissioner of the Fun League, remembers Jessie: “Jessie was the very definition of sportsmanship.  He played hard, but never had a bad word to say about a teammate or an opponent.  He was always giving encouragement to both.  He was a very good player, both offensively and defensively, until a few months ago, not bad for 87 years old.  He had a large and loving family, which included his Fun League family.  He was loved by all that knew him.  He will be greatly missed.”


Our sympathies to Jessie’s family and friends.  Click here for services info.


You may have noticed a photographer taking pictures during our Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday games. Lisa Unruh has kindly been snapping action (or not) shots of many of us, highlights of which are shown at the bottom of this page. She has set up an album that anyone can access, so you can see and print out your own pics at You'll need to sign up for a Shutterfly account if you don't have one. Thanks Lisa!

Weeknight League

The weeknight league will resume next April, probably on Monday nights. We are looking for a commissioner for the weeknight league. The commissioner only needs to do minimal field prep and coordinate the selection of the teams before each game. Please let Jeff Greenberg know if you are interested.

Limited Time Offer for New Players

The Club has a special offer for new Senior Players from South Bay Communities, the details of which you can read about in the Press Release.

Address Reminder. We have a new PO Box and address for the Club. Effectively immediately, correspondence should go to Vintage Softball Club of Santa Clara County, Inc., PO Box 3268, Santa Clara, CA 95055.

AEDs. We have an AED (automatic external defibrillator) at each of our fields. Check out this link for more information about CPR and the use of AEDs.

Communication re Combining Teams (Saturday League)

Players,  there has been too much trouble getting the Saturday early games started, so we are going to try this slightly more regulated system. Players need to follow the rules below. BE ON TIME. Ric Ferras will be helping the commissioners, in organizing whether we combine fields or not.


1.      Managers poll their teams during the week to learn player availability.

2.      Players report to their respective assigned field before 8:50 a.m. Bucket players report to the stands behind home plate at field 2.

3.      Players who are in transit but will be late notify their manager via phone.

4.      Managers and commissioner take a count on each field, considering players in transit.

5.      Managers and commissioner decide whether to combine teams.

6.      Managers and commissioner determine the combination, using bucket players. Players may be moved from their own teams.

7.      Latecomers are assigned where needed (which may not be to their own team).

8.      Play ball!

Vintage PSA Video

Download this terrific public service announcement video prepared by our own Gopher Gold.

Still out at Moffett!

Please let your manager know if you can't attend a game and

call the rain line to check if you are playing (408) 795-5844

Play ball!!!

Thanks to Lisa Unruh for taking these great pics!

Fun on a recent Saturday....

San Jose Giants Night 2017