Hall of Fame

Our Award Winning Players

Within the Vintage Club, we have several distinguished players who have been inducted into the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame and the Northern California Senior Softball Hall of Fame, for their outstanding play and contributions to senior softball.  


These include:

  Ernie Gomez was inducted into the Northern California Senior Softball hall of fame in 2013.  After               proudly serving in the US Navy for many years, he was one of the original founding members of Vintage     Softball Club of Santa Clara County. He served on the Vintage Board of Directors Board for several years.   During Ernie’s years of playing senior softball, he has received many awards from Vintage.  Those include   sportsmanship, Certificate of Appreciation, Armen Parseghian, and lifetime achievement awards.  He has   managed Vintage teams for many of his Vintage years.

  Bob Strand, was inducted into the Northern California Senior Softball hall of fame in 2009.  He was             affectionately known as “Mr. Tomahawk” or to others as the “Web Master”, he has played senior softball     since 1993. Bob's career started as a member of both Vintage and Redwood City Señors. Using his               computer expertise, Bob built up the Vintage and NCSSA's websites. He spent thousands of hours               working and developing programs making it easier for NCSSA tournament directors and getting                   information out to players.  One could say that Bob's value to NCSSA is “priceless”.

  Morris Hosoda was inducted into the Northern California Senior Softball hall of fame in 2012.  He is a         charter member of the  Vintage Softball Club of Santa Clara County since it was formed in 1987.  Morris     has served on the Vintage Board of Directors, and he was the first Vintage chaplain.  Because of his many   contributions to Vintage Softball, Morris received the Armen Parseghian Award, named for the founder       of the Vintage Club.  In 2007, he was the recipient of the Certificate of Appreciation for not only helping       start the Vintage Softball Club but also for his continued participation.  And in 2010, Morris received the     Lifetime Achievement Award from the Vintage Board of Directors.  He has played on the Vintage 60's and   65's, Palo Alto Chiefs 70's, and 75's and Redwood City Chiefs 80's tournament teams to name a few.

  Frank Kirchman was inducted to the Northern California Senior Softball hall of fame in 2009.  Frank           began playing senior softball in the Vintage Softball League of Santa Clara County in 1990.  As an                 outfielder, in 1994 he began playing for the State Roofing Royals.  He moved from the area in 1996 and       played for the Elk Grove Renegades until 2004. While representing Region One he was an NCSSA Board     member for four years serving as President in 2001 and 2002

Noel Lanctot was inducted into the Northern California Senior Softball hall of fame in 2009.  He has been playing senior softball since 1991. He is a past president of the Vintage Softball Club of Santa Clara County as well as a long time NCSSA board member. Noel has been doing some of the thankless NCSSA jobs such as the minutes and the rankings. He has been a tireless worker and is almost always cheerful around everyone except with an umpire or two. In many ways, he is the glue that holds NCSSA together. As a player and manager, Noel has played all over the US and is a member of the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame. In addition to some of the Vintage tournament teams, Noel has played for the Cobras, Bandits and Diamond Nuts.

Jim Stapleton was inducted to the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame in 2010.  He can play every defensive position skillfully.  He has an over .700 'on base percentage' in National Championship competition. He has that special gift to bring out the best in his fellow teammates. He has the personality, chemistry and heart, that make him a true winner." Larry Campbell said, "I have had the opportunity to coach and play with Jim, and have not had a better teammate. Jim is superior ballplayer as well as a gentleman and sportsman." Gary Tryhorn wrote, "Jim is a versatile and energetic player who never complains and can be found helping his teammates when they are not going well. He is a gentleman both on and off the field." Otis Menasco wrote, "Jim is an exceptional player with a slashing style that includes power to all fields. Jim is a ferocious competitor that never gives up in any game, no       matter the score."

 Ray Miranda a 2006 inductee National Senior Softball Hall of Fame.  He plays with Vintage some  weekdays.  He also organizes a charity Vintage softball event every Christmas benefiting underprivileged  children.  Ray is a versatile fielder and steady hitter while always offering encouragement to his fellow  teammates.

Pat McGuire a 2008 inductee National Senior Softball Hall of Fame.  Pat Plays with Vintage most Saturdays.  Born in San Jose, California in 1948, Pat has lived and worked in the area his entire life.  After spending 31 years in the San Jose Police Department, Pat retired to play tournament softball.  Larry Campbell has this to say about Pat, "He has consistently placed in the top 5 hitters and is noted for his ability to place the ball from line to line, yet still able to burn the outfield deep should they tire of his singles." Gary Tryhorn says, "Pat would play any position asked of him, and he would give you all he had." 

Tom Palma is a 2000 inductee National Senior Softball Hall of Fame.  Before retirement, Tom was a Santa Clara County Juvenile Probation officer.  He straightened out thousands of wayward youths during his career.  Now in retirement, Tom plays with Vintage every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Tom enjoys softball immensely, and he is a top notch player.  His tournament team has no less than 8 other players also in the hall of fame.  His team has won multiple World Championships.

Honors and Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award

2010 Morris Hosoda

2012 Frank Kadlecek and Ernie Gomez

2013 Don Muse

2014 Larry Murchison

Armen Parseghian Award

2002 Larry Murchison

2003 Frank Kadlecek

2005 Tom Morse

2006 Jim Heath

2007 Frank Kadlecek

2008 Jim Callan

2009 Jim Gross

2010 Don Muse

2011 Dave Carothers

2012 Ernie Gomez

2013 Jim Gross

2014 Bob Bilikas

2015 Jack Boniface

2016 Mike Friedman

2017 Mark Loveless

2018 Tom Palma

2019 Tom Simpson

2021 Jeff Greenberg

2022 Lou Silver

Sportsmanship Award

2003 Richie Sutton

2005 Larry Murchison

2006 Ed McDonald

2007 Don Muse

2008 Pat Pizzo

2009 Jed Duggan

2010 Ernie Gomez

2011 Charlie Carinalli

2012 Kevin Austin

2013 Jim Batterson, Pat McNamara

2014 Ruby Cawley

2015 Lester Sutherland

2016 Gordon Jett

2017 Jessie Jessup, Pat McGuire 

2018 George Hall, Blain Thomas, Dennis Maston

2019 Bob Lefevre, Paul Thesing

2022 Matt Santos. Mike McDonnell

Past Presidents

1987-89 Armen Parseghian

1990 Jack Healey

1991-92 Ron Marchese

1993-95 Bill McCartney

1996 Chuck Hyde

1997-99 Noel Lanctot

2000 Dave Smith

2001-02 Charlie Sutton

2003-04 Wayne Fields

2005 Tom Morse, Larry Murchison

2006 Kevin Austin

2007-08 Jim Callan

2009-11 Joe DeSimone

2012-14 Mike Friedman

2015-17 Mark Loveless

2018-21 Jeff Greenberg